October 26, 2020

Chile’s fast growing firm Aninat partners with IsFin

The synergy seeks to consolidate and boost the investment market in Chile.

In today’s turbulent post-COVID world, it is more important than ever to further invest and strengthen worldwide business connections. In this perspective, Luis Alberto Aninat, Senior Partner of Aninat Abogados, and Professor Laurent Marlière, CEO of IsFIN -Emerging Markets Advisors-, are thrilled to announce a synergy to consolidate and boost the investment market in Chile. The collaboration aims to enhance both organizations’ capabilities to assist companies in doing business in Chile.

According to Profesor Marlière, IsFIN has managed to have one of the best coverages of South America at a time when the continent is appealing to investors from Asia and the Middle East. He adds, “We are onboarding professional firms which have the finest technical capacity and the vision to handle sophisticated investors from those regions. Chile is a priority on the LatAm investment map”.

Aninat Abogados is one of the fastest-growing corporate law firms in Chile. Its team of experts are recognized to combine private, public, academic, pro bono, and union experience. The firm is solidly established in Chile and recognized by foreign corporations looking at the dynamic Chilean market.

Luis A. Aninat, specified that “Chile is one of the firmest growing economies in the Western Hemisphere and enjoys levels of stability and prosperity among the highest in the region”.

Chile has successfully attracted Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) despite its relatively small domestic market. This fact has different reasons. Chile is the first South American country which joined the OECD in 2010 and until now it is the only South American member.

Manuel Blanco, Managing Partner at Aninat Abogados adds: “Chile is a great place to start a business. Implementation of technological projects, support for strategic projects at the pre-investment stage and guarantees for access to bank financing are the tempting privileges for FDI in Chile.”

ISFIN is a global advisory active in 75 countries. It acts as a business facilitator between East and West and has a unique knowledge of the Middle East, African and Asian markets. The organization is supported by a platform composed of the most innovative and highly regarded independent law, audit & accounting firms. It has a deal room offering off market investment opportunities to clever investors.